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Driven Import Auto Care is your destination for specialized BMW & MINI repair in Newnan, GA. Our expertise spans across the diverse range of BMW models, from the luxury 3 Series and 5 Series to the X Series SUVs, and the iconic MINI Cooper line, known for its unique style and agility. We provide comprehensive service and repair, ensuring that your BMW or MINI performs with the precision and quality these brands are known for.

Tailored Services for BMW Models

Our services cater to the full BMW lineup, including the high-performance M Series and the innovative i Series electric vehicles. We understand the sophisticated engineering behind each BMW model, providing customized maintenance and repair to meet their specific demands.

Comprehensive Care for MINI Vehicles

MINI vehicles, with their distinct design and engineering, require specialized attention. We offer dedicated services for all MINI models, including the Clubman, Countryman, and Convertible, ensuring they maintain their fun-to-drive character and reliability.

Advanced Diagnostics for BMW & MINI Vehicles

Employing state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, our team effectively identifies issues in BMW and MINI vehicles, whether they are related to the engine, transmission, or advanced electronic systems. Our precise diagnostics ensure your vehicle receives accurate and efficient care.

Engine and Transmission Specialization

Our expertise extends to the engines and transmissions of BMW & MINI vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Whether it’s servicing the dynamic engines of the BMW 7 Series or the MINI John Cooper Works, or maintaining their sophisticated transmissions, we ensure top-notch functionality.

Suspension and Braking Systems: Ensuring Peak Performance

The suspension and braking systems are vital to the driving experience of BMWs and MINIs. We specialize in maintaining and repairing these systems, ensuring models like the BMW X5 and MINI Paceman retain their excellent handling and safety standards.

BMW & MINI Repair Near Me

For comprehensive BMW & MINI repair in Newnan, GA, Driven Import Auto Care is the go-to service center. Our dedication to maintaining the high standards of these distinguished brands, combined with our in-depth knowledge of their various models, ensures your vehicle is in the best hands.


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